The Power of Active Listening 1886

The Power of Active Listening

AI-Powered Social Listening

AI-powered social listening in the automotive industry. Strategic competitive advantages through AI-generated customer insights in the BEV lifecycle.


Social Listening



1886Ventures is a holding with group of companies who build and launch the next generation of sustainable and digital products to provide long-term value. With next technologies we find solutions for the biggest challenges of our generation - a sustainable future.

/ Background

Challenges and opportunities of the BEV transformation

In this whitepaper, we explore the benefits of AI-powered social listening for the automotive industry. We provide insights into a best practice example from 1886.ventures and the innovation department of an automotive client. The objective was broad-based customer exploration to identify usage-specific experience factors for the BEV lifecycle and to capture and extend the value proposition with a strategic focus. The transformation from ICE to BEV in the automotive industry is a major challenge for all OEMs. The lifecycle management of a BEV owner is an additional motive in R&D and becomes a key competitive factor. By more deeply understanding and meeting the unique needs and expectations of BEV owners, OEMs can position themselves defensibly, differentiate successfully, build brand loyalty and establish themselves as market leaders in the rapidly evolving automotive industry.

/ Added Value

AI-powered social listening offers the automotive industry a valuable tool for gaining insights into customer needs and preferences. By using AI, companies can gain a more comprehensive understanding of the market and capture patterns and triggers for behavioural design solutions. Cross-innovation between R&D, strategy and marketing, based on insights into customers' behavioural needs, become a unique selling point. With the right tools and guidance, any company in the automotive industry can implement AI-powered social listening and gain a competitive advantage.

Insights-based support of transformation processes

In conclusion, AI-powered social listening has the potential to revolutionise the way automotive companies identify experiential factors for their brand's value proposition. Companies that adopt this technology and use it effectively will have a distinct advantage in the highly competitive automotive industry. "If data is the new oil, then AI-powered social listening models are the new production towers!" comments Florian Hofmann, Director 1886.ventures. "We strongly recommend that R&D and innovation departments of automotive clients invest in AI-powered social listening to outperform the competition and stay ahead in the race for the customer."