4 Ways How Consumers Make Use of Bad ReviewsShowing That You CareConclusion

Why Negative Reviews Aren’t So Bad After All

Negative reviews are unpleasant. Even if our customers’ negative feedback is justified, no one likes to hear that their performance as a company was not a positive experience for the consumer. 

Do you know how to act appropriately to negative Feedback? 

Take the criticism and make visible, measurable improvements. This is how you get the most benefit from online reviews: If you manage to make even the “bad” reviews reflect well on your company by proving with your response that your company is making an effort to improve.

4 Ways How Consumers Make Use of Bad Reviews

  1. Consumers want all the information available, no product or service is perfect, consumers want to know about negative reviews so they can compare them with the positive reviews and make a well informed decision. 
  1. A negative point for one consumer may be irrelevant for another and can even prove to be an advantage. One guest could say they didn’t like that a hotel had “too many large groups being noisy” but for someone wanting to go on a group holiday this is an advantage because they know this hotel would be suitable for large groups.
  1. Bad reviews are usually not enough to make a consumer not want to buy something, it is about the ratio of good to bad that is crucial in the decision making process. A couple of bad reviews don’t carry a lot of weight with consumers if they appear alongside hundreds of good reviews. 
  2. When there are no bad reviews consumers get suspicious and may lead to them not having trust in your company because it will look like your company censored customer feedback by deleting and sorting out all the bad reviews.

Showing That You Care

When your product or services start receiving bad reviews you can ignore them and face the consequences of lower customer satisfaction and damage to your brand image. 

Or you can monitor these reviews and act quickly and accordingly, improving the aspects of your product or services that are receiving the negative reviews. Think of it as constructive criticism to help your company improve and excel in your target market. Bad reviews are very detailed feedback that you usually receive from extensive market research, the only difference being that the feedback from your customers is free. Negative feedback can improve your marketing, customer service, product design etc., whilst demonstrating to your customers that their voices are being heard. 

Additionally, bad reviews give you an opportunity to display your great customer service. Responding quickly and effectively to a negative comment doesn’t only improve your relationship with that consumer but shows potential customers browsing your website that you care about customers and quality of service. Good service is a more cost-effective measure to compete with competitors than competing on price. A good response and solution to bad reviews will help you win back unhappy customers and gain new ones. 


There is little for companies to fear from poor feedback, as long as they use the right collection and analysis tools, and there are also benefits to providing a balanced review system. 

Negative feedback is a valuable asset that provides a variety of market advantages and identifies areas for improvement. Bad ratings improve user interest and trust in your brand while improving customer loyalty, converting browsers into shoppers and buyers into brand loyalists. The end result is increased conversion rates and improved customer satisfaction for the long run.

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