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Cauliflower Release Notes

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CW36 2021

1. Codebook

With the codebook feature, it is possible to adapt extracted topics later and individually. With the feature, extracted topics can be grouped together, specific terms can be assigned to a topic or topics can be renamed. Especially good: codebooks can be assigned to several projects at the same time. This means that several projects can be updated at the same time with just one update. Start with our Excel template or create your first codebooks on the platform.

2. Excel Export

The dashboards look good, but how can I continue working with the results in PowerPoint etc.? Export the results as Excel with one click. 

3. Improved topic identification

Topics can now consist of multiple terms that add further detail. The processing time in average project has been reduced up to 25%.

4. Language coverage

More languages: We now cover the analysis in the original language in German, English, Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese and Dutch on the platform.

5. Dashboard division

The dashboard has been divided into 4 separate pages for improved performance and structuring. The 4 pages are Topic Understanding, Feed, Development and Network.

6. Product tour

The interactive product tour guides the user through the software. In addition, there are task-specific interactive guides that lead through the codebook, for example.

7. Partner API

With the Partner API, the Cauliflower Text Analytics Services can be accessed via a REST API. Among other things. the API allows users to create accounts on behalf of clients and partners. Request API documentation now.

8. Integrated translation services

A translation of the results into another language is possible at the push of a button. Within the project setup, it can be defined with which service and into which language translation should take place. The results are then translated via DeepL or Google Translate.

CW14 2021

1. Login

You are looking for the login? Here you can log in for the platform: Login

2. Analysing English text

We have integrated the English language. Now it is also possible to analyse English texts. In the next few weeks we will also integrate French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

3. Default filter Associations

We have added the association filter to the default filters. You want to know which topics, for example, are all "new" or "bad"? Filter the corresponding association and get an overview of the topics and the specific comments in the feed.

4. Tool Language English

It is now possible to switch the tool language between German and English. To do so, click on the corresponding flag.

5. Apply filter

Every time you want to set multiple filters you have to wait until the tool has loaded the single selection? That's over now. Make the selection within the filters and then click on the "Apply filter" button. Finally, it's fun to combine filters.

6. Summarise topics with the code plan

You do not need a code book or labelling to analyse Cauliflower. But that doesn't mean the results can't be even better. There will always be topics that you may want to merge or rename. You can use the code plan function in the project setup for this. To do this, enter the target label (e.g. Service) and then the individual topics, separated by commas, which you would like to combine into an umbrella term (e.g. Customer Service, Delivery Service). Unfortunately, the code plan must currently be created in the project setup. We are working on making the code plan adaptable even after the analysis has been completed. Until then, we make you the following offer: Take a look at the results of the analysis. Make a note of which topics you would like to summarise and write us an email. We will credit you and you can create the project again - then with the combined topics in the code plan.

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